This complimentary service allows you to check how up to date your SAS® software environment is and what hot fixes are available.
Simply upload your registry.xml file or generate and upload a Deployment Registry text file. (What's this?)

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Want us to check your SAS® system for you?

It’s free, it’s easy to do and it only takes a few minutes. Our complimentary service allows you to check how up-to-date your SAS software environment is and see which hot fixes are available for your SAS system. Simply generate a Deployment Registry text file for your SAS software environment or use our sample file to see what a hot fix report looks like.

What is a hot fix?

A hot fix is a software update released by the SAS Institute that addresses known problems with your SAS system. Depending on the level of severity, hot fixes may include:

To identify what hot fixes are available for your SAS environment you need know what SAS products are installed, and exactly what versions those underlying products are. This can be daunting to try and do manually which is why we have developed a free service for this purpose.

Why should I run a hot fix report on my SAS® system?

When you think about it, the data your SAS system provides you with is one of your company’s most valuable assets, which is why it makes sense to check and protect your SAS system with our hot fix analysis service. Your hot fix report only takes minutes to generate but it will identify any known problems with your system… …providing you with the peace of mind that your SAS software environment is running optimally and is totally secure.

Hot Fixes
  • Alert Level Hot Fixes:
  • Hot Fixes with manual steps:
  • Hot Fixes with non standard installation:
  • Hot Fixes with non standard downloads:
  • Security related Hot Fixes:
Alert Hot Fixes
ALERT issues are problems that you need to be aware of before you install or use the software. These may include, but are not limited to, security, data integrity and incorrect output.
Hot Fixes with manual steps
These hot fixes contains special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment. Review the documentation carefully to successfully deploy the hot fix. If [1] also appears next to the "Issue(s) Addressed" link in the analysis report, click that link to see important additional note(s) associated with the hot fix.
Hot Fixes with non standard installation
This hot fix may not use the same installation tool as other hot fixes, it may need to be installed separately from other hot fixes, or it may require special settings during installation. Review all documentation carefully.

Need Assistance?

Keeping your SAS software environment up to date is important for maintaining the health of your platform. Installation of Hot Fixes can be a complex task and if not performed properly, can be dangerous and catastrophic leading to down time and in a worst case scenario, destruction of your environment. If you are unsure about how to apply hot fixes contact Selerity. We are a team of highly experienced SAS Administrators who can successfully navigate the complexity of keeping your SAS platform up to date with regular patching and maintenance. for a fixed monthly, quarterly or annual fee which is always significantly more cost effective than employing and educating your own SAS Administrators. For more information please contact us!.

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